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Lighting Control Desks
1 Preset 6 Way DMX desk (3pin) c/w PSU
Zero 88 Jester 12/24 DMX Desk
Avolites Pearl Tiger c/w LCD
Avolites Pearl Titan Expert (c/w LCD Monitor)
Avolites Quartz
Avolites Titan Mobile Fader Wing (Only available with Quartz)
Avolites Tiger Touch II
Avolites Arena
ChamSys MagicQ MQ100 Pro 2014 Console
ChamSys MagicQ Playback Wing
grandMA 2 Light
grandMA 2 Full Size

1 Way 10amp Anytronics Dimmer
3 Way 6.3amp Zero 88 Alphapack 2 DMX
6 Way 10amp Zero 88 Betapack 3 DMX
18 Way 16amp Paradime Tour Rack
24 Way Avolites PowerCube
48 Way Avolites Art 2000 T4 Dimmer Rack*

Moving Heads
Clay Paky Sharpy
Clay Paky Sharpy Wash
Clay Paky A.leda K20 B-EYE
Clay Paky HY K25 B-EYE
Clay Paky Mythos2
ROBE Pointe
ROBE LEDBeam 150
ROBE RoboSpot System
Ayrton MAGICBLADE R LED Moving Batten
GLP Impression X4 Bar 20
GLP Impression X4 Bar 10
GLP JDC Strobe
Martin MAC 101 LED 13.5 deg Wash Light
Martin MAC 250 Entour
Martin MAC 250 Beam
Martin MAC 250 Wash
Martin MAC 550 Profile
Martin MAC Aura XB
Martin MAC Quantum LED Profile
Martin MAC 700 Profile
Martin MAC 2000 Profile Mk2
Martin MAC Viper Profile
SGM G-Profile Turbo
Prolights Panorama AirBeam IP
Prolights Panorama WBX IP LED Wash
Studio Due 3k Spaceflower, Shutter, DMX
Martin RainMAC Cover

Strobes & Blinders
Elation DTW 700 IP LED Blinder
Rush by Martin 5x5 LED Matrix Strobe
Martin Atomic 3000 LED Strobe
Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe
SGM Q-7 IP Rated RGBW Flood/Blinder/Strobe (110deg)
GLP JDC Strobe

Battery Powered LED Lighting
Astera AX1 Pixel Tube (1m IP65 RGBW Tube with 180deg viewing angle)
Chauvet H1 Black RGBAW+UV LED Mini Wash
Chauvet H1 White RGBAW+UV LED Mini Wash
Prolights Smart Bat RGBW LED Uplighters
Prolights Wi-Fi & DMX Interface

ETC Source 4 Junior 25/50 Degree Zoom 575watt
ETC Source 4 Junior 25/50 Degree Zoom 575 watt in White
ETC Source 4  5 Degree 750watt*
ETC Source 4  10 Degree 750watt*
ETC Source 4  14 Degree 750watt*
ETC Source 4  19 Degree 750watt*
ETC Source 4  26 Degree 750watt*
ETC Source 4  36 Degree 750watt*
ETC Source 4  50 Degree 750watt*
ETC Source 4  90 Degree 750watt*

Gobo Rotators
DHA Gobo Rotator - Fixed Speed
DHA Dual Gobo Rotator - Variable Speed (requires PSU)

Strand Quartet Fresnel 650watt
Selecon Rama Fresnel 1.2kw
Selecon Arena High Performance 2.5kw Fresnel

Coda Asymmetric 500watt
Coda Asymmetric 4x500watt

Par 16 Chrome 12v/50watt
Par 36 Chrome Pinspot 30watt
Par 36 Black Pinspot 30watt
Par 36 Black Pinspot Bar 4way
Par 56 Chrome 300watt
Par 56 Chrome Floorcan 300watt
Par 64 Black Long 1kw
Par 64 Chrome Floorcan 1kw
Exterior IP65 Rated Par 64 Black Long 1kw
ETC Source 4 Parcan 575 or 750watt
Molefay 2way 2x 650watt
ACL Bar Chrome 2x 4way 110v Bars (c/w 240v split)

Teclumen Arena 1200w Halogen Followspot Kit
LDR Canto MSR 1200w Discharge Followspot Kit
Robert Juliat Cyrano 2500w Discharge Followspot Kit